Committed to the Environment

Barnwell Print is Norfolk’s first Carbon Balanced Publication Printer since March 2012

Barnwell Print take pride in our rich history as we build a sustainable legacy for generations to follow. Barnwell Print has a reputation locally and nationally for superior sustainable printed products.

Barnwell Print are delighted to announce we are Environmental Innovation WINNERS in the Broadland and South Norfolk Business Awards 2023!

Environmental Innovation Sponsored by University of East Anglia


Norfolk Business Awards 2018: Finalist

We are excited to be named a finalist in the Environment & Sustainability category at the EDP Norfolk Business Awards 2018. The prestigious Archant / Eastern Daily Press awards are said to highlight ‘outstanding’ businesses, and celebrates the ‘dynamism and success of the Norfolk economy’.

Norwich & Norfolk Eco Awards Winner 2018

Barnwell Print is proud to be a Norwich & Norfolk Eco Awards winner 2018. The award, in the small/medium business category, was presented at a ceremony in The Hall in Norwich on March 20th 2018. 

Norfolk Carbon Charter – Gold Level 2020

Following Barnwell Print Ltd’s remote assessment in October 2020, I am delighted to inform you the Charter Panel approved accreditation at Gold Level. The Carbon Charter is awarded to organisations that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions. The Gold Charter is only awarded to organisations deemed to be exemplifying best practice in terms of demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda as leaders in their particular field. 

Our Committment to the Environment

Barnwell’s sustainable responsibilities fall into three key areas of the business.

  • Carbon Reduction
  • Sustainable Energy/Heating
  • Waste Management/Supply Chains


Barnwell Print is committed to carbon reduction. We measure our CO2 emissions using location and market-based calculations and reduce them annually. Since 2015 we have reduced our carbon footprint by more than half from 115.58 tonnes to 48.28 tonnes per year 2023. The average SME CO2 per employee is 4.7tonnes and Barnwell’s is operating at 2.68tonnes. Both are epic achievements we are extremely proud to report. Verified by Carbonco and the World Land Trust.

Sustainable Energy/Heating

Since May 2014 Barnwell Print has been powered by 100% renewable energy and heated by a Bio-Mass heating system. The first SME Bio-Mass installation in East Anglia reducing our carbon footprint by 17tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Waste Management and Supply Chains

Barnwell’s responsible approach to the environment has seen a 90% reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill – waste that is now recycled instead. We are always looking to reduce or re-purpose our waste. Barnwell Print operates a safe working environment and particular attention is paid to the control of substances hazardous to health (COSHH). With waste being disposed of by licensed waste contractors.

United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals

Barnwell Print acknowledges the United Nations (UN) 17 Sustainable Development Goals However, there are 5 SDG Goals that very much align with our core ethos, as we navigate our path organically. The 5 key SDGs that resonate with our sustainable development are:

  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • GOAL 13: Climate Action
  • GOAL 14: Life Below Water
  • GOAL 15: Life on Land

Succession planning and investing in the next generation has always been high on our agenda. We encourage best working practices and support any required training and encourage a healthier, low waste sustainable lifestyle. We collaborate with local schools and colleges to provide work experience and ongoing support to students throughout their studies.

As early industry adopters of recycling a strategic action plan was implemented by the directors, which sees all production waste recycled or re-purposed. Barnwell Print signed up to the Net Zero Waste project run by Onwards Norfolk, this initiative assists businesses to take part in a Net Zero Waste project. They assist to create a bespoke Net Zero Waste plan to reduce waste, reduce carbon footprint and overall costs.

Barnwell Print offsets its unavoidable carbon footprint emissions through the World Land Trust preservation scheme. Which in-turn supports the preservation of critically threatened tropical forests throughout the world. By protecting existing critically threatened forests not only do we offset our unavoidable carbon emissions we also preserve the ecosystem, habitats, and water courses for indigenous wildlife some critically threatened.

Julian & Lincoln Barnwell are both professional divers, the reduction of plastic content in the oceans is a subject close to their heart. With this in mind, they implemented an initiative to reduce single use plastic on printed products through innovation and alternative products.

The proportion of these interventions

100% sustainable consideration is given to all aspects of the business: it’s key to our ethos and future success. We constantly seek self-improvement and knowledge gained is implemented in our sustainability drive. We may be small in numbers but make a significant impact collectively.