Carbon Balancing

Carbon Balancing at Barnwell Print

What Is Carbon Balanced Paper?

A paper product becomes Carbon Balanced when the emissions associated with its production are balanced (offset) by the global conservation charity World Land Trust (WLT).

Contributions to the Carbon Balanced programme are used to protect land from deforestation and degradation, ensuring carbon remains locked-up within these invaluable ecosystems and their trees can continue to absorb CO2.

These habitats are being destroyed or degraded at an unprecedented rate, releasing stored carbon into the atmosphere and contributing to between 10 and 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

As a certified Carbon Balance Printer Barnwell Print calculate the paper CO2 impact of your product and will supply a bespoke logo  and certificate of conformity. A statement can also be added to your product.

Norfolk’s First Certified Carbon Balanced Publication Printer since 2012

Barnwell Print is committed to carbon reduction. We measure our CO2 emissions using location and market-based calculations and reduce them annually. Since 2015 we have reduced our carbon footprint by more than half from 115.58 tonnes to 48.28 tonnes per year 2023. The average SME CO2 per employee is 4.7tonnes and Barnwell’s is operating at 2.68tonnes. Both are epic achievements we are extremely proud to report. Verified by Carbonco and the World Land Trust.

When customers choose to use Carbon Balanced Paper, printed by a Carbon Balanced Printer, they can be confident in knowing they are choosing one of the most sustainable print solutions available.

Carbon Charter Gold Certification

Following Barnwell Prints remote assessment in October 2020, I am delighted to inform you the Charter Panel approved accreditation at Gold Level. The Carbon Charter is awarded to organisations that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions.

The Gold Charter is only awarded to organisations deemed to be exemplifying best practice in terms of demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda as leaders in their particular field.


The Panel was particularly impressed with Barnwell Print Ltd’s long-standing commitment to reducing their environmental impacts and communicating best practice to a wider audience.