Greetings Cards

Greetings Cards Printing with Carbon Offsetting

Whatever the season or occasion we can scan and print your greetings cards to the finest quaintly possible, for the smaller quantities we can print on our state of the art digital press.

Greetings Cards – includes artwork, bags, envelopes, closing label.

Package 1
Size options 6×6 / 7×5 / 8×6 / 5×5 / 6×4
4 sorts
25 of each sort, total 100

Package 2
Size options 6×6 / 7×5 / 8×6 / 5×5 / 6×4
4 sorts
50 of each sort, total 200

Orders over 250 cards, will work out more cost effective

Sustainable greetings cards Barnwell Print

Self Seal plant based compostable and biodegradable clear bags are available at an additional cost.

MATERIAL: Clear Compostable PLA (vegetable starch)
ENVIRONMENTAL: EN13432 Compostable film
PRINTED: ‘this bag is made in the UK from compostable EN13432 film’

These bags are made in the UK from NATIVIA® film that has been accredited to EN 13432 and ‘OK biobased’. They are made from Plant Based (annually renewable) PLA derived from vegetable starches (cornstarch) and are compostable and biodegradable. Biodegradation occurs at end of life once exposed to moisture, heat and naturally occurring bacteria / fungi when it will break down into compost (not micro plastics). To maximise shelf life – simply avoid excessive heat, moisture and light (If a bag is splashed with water they don’t start to degrade immediately. If wiped off straight away they should come to no harm.)

A Carbon Balanced Publication

Barnwell Print is Norfolk’s first carbon balanced printer since 2012 and offers its clients carbon balanced products. Why not do your bit for the environment and carbon foot print by making your publication carbon balanced at no extra cost to you? Please call us for details on adding the highest integrity to your printed product.

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