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BENEFITS OF CARBON BALANCING Reduces your carbon footprint Adds credibility to your brand by use of a unique logo Saves critically threatened tropical forests We can produce certificates & management information to show your carbon savings and the area of land you have preserved Our house sheet, ‘Novatech’ offsets 0.85 tonnes of carbon and saves 67m² of forest per tonne of paper used Carbon balancing (Offsetting) is done through the World Land Trust who are an environmental charity The World Land Trust buy areas of critically threatened tropical forests to preserve and cultivate

Barnwell Print est.1840, In 2012 we became Norfolk’s First Certified Carbon Balanced Printer. Diligent continuous environmental assessment ensures superior sustainable low-impact printed communication.

Barnwell’s sustainable responsibilities fall into four key areas of the business:

Barnwell Print is committed to carbon reduction. We measure our carbon footprint by calculating CO2 emissions and reduce them annually. Since 2015 we have reduced our carbon footprint by almost half from 115.58 tonnes to 61.59 tonnes per year 2022. The average SME CO2 per employee is 4.7 tonnes and Barnwell’s is operating at 3.4 tonnes. Both are epic achievements we are extremely proud to report.

Sustainable Energy/Heating
Since May 2014 Barnwell Print has been powered by sourced renewable energy and heated by a Bio-Mass heating system. The first SME Bio-Mass installation in the print industry reducing our carbon footprint by 20 tonnes of CO2 per annum.

Waste Management and Supply Chains
98% reduction in the amount of waste sent to landfill – waste that is now re-purposed or recycled instead. Our suppliers are also committed to carbon reduction.

Support & Collaboration
Barnwell’s quantifiable certified approach to sustainability and low production footprint enables our customers to significantly reduce their carbon impact on printed communication. We reduce single use plastic through design, innovation, and alternative sustainable materials.

The World Land Trust provides certification and bespoke logos for compliance and are displayed on the printed product. This reinforces compliance, builds trust with customers and comradeship with our supply chain. To date our combined commitment is equivalent to neutralizing 9,182,490 car miles

A particular project of note, an industry first, ‘What the World Needs Now: Trees!’ A sustainable children’s book by Cheryl Rosebush. The core focus being sustainability. This was the first children’s publication to have all CO2 emissions balanced by WLT, printed on 100% recycled paper and covered in oxo-biodegradable film. The paper was carbon balanced and carbon captured through the Woodland Trust. 100% of the money raised through Carbon Capture goes directly to the Woodland Trust.

Barnwell’s environmental aim is to reduce our carbon footprint and consumption annually by 5%, our strategy has evolved from simply working smarter to a measured and monitored sustainable model.

Reporting, audits, support, resources & certification are provided by The World Land Trust, Carbon Charter, Ground Works East and Carbonco.

Following an assessment in October 2020, The Carbon Charter Panel approved accreditation at Gold Level. The Carbon Charter is awarded to organisations that monitor and reduce their carbon emissions. The Gold Charter is only awarded to organisations deemed to be exemplifying best practice in terms of demonstrating significant reductions in carbon emissions and championing the environmental agenda as leaders in their field.

Barnwell’s sustainable culture can be summed up simply: we produce superior sustainable printed products. We are comfortable with change, share our knowledge and embrace our obligations as pioneers in our industry.

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