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Pad Publishing

Digital publishing on the iPad and Android Tablets

Easy Entry Into Tablet and Mobile Technology

Welcome to the exciting world of digital publishing on Tablet and Mobile devices, Tablets are becoming the main tool people use to browse the internet and purchase products. We now offer a cost effective and efficient product on both iOS and Android platforms to enable any publisher or company to access a worldwide audience via any compatible tablet or mobile device. You can now publish with your very own App containing your publications.

With our free software anyone can take existing PDF’s that have been used for printing magazines, tourism brochures, manuals, business reports and publish them easily via your own branded Kiosk on both iOS and Android platforms. There is also an extra opportunity of adding a host of interactive tools such as weblinks, video, slide shows and social media all easily recognisable via tap zones within your App. All of these features add extra value to the magazine not only for the reader’s point of view, but also for the publishers and advertisers.

Case Studies

Zip Heaters UK Ltd Logo & App

Customer: Zip Heaters UK Ltd
Title: Product Guide
Published For: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

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East Anglian Air Ambulance & Anglia Lift Off Logos Logos > Pad Publishing Customer

Customer: East Anglian Air Ambulance
Title: Anglia Lift Off
Published For: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

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Visit Norfolk Norfolk & North Norfolk District Council Logos > Pad Publishing Customer

Customer: North Norfolk District Council
Title: Visit North Norfolk
Published For: iOS (iPhone & iPad)

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Market Intelligence

The iPad is mostly used between 7pm and 10pm and currently has 60 percent tablet market share, yet accounts for 90 percent of the tablet’s Internet traffic.

Apple’s worldwide sales of iPad, third Quarter 2010 to second Quarter 2012 (in millions): 11.8

Forecast for the worldwide sales of tablets from 2010 to 2016 by operating system (in millions): 169.65

Why iPad Magazine or Digital Brochures

1) The publication is available to the reader at any time in the world and mobile available.

2) Increase circulation without increasing the cost of printing and postage costs.

3) Increase the reader’s interest through high quality interactivity and multimedia content by adding more layers of information within the publication. This interest can be driven via video, slide shows, social media and URL links to websites.

4) Additional revenue can be achieved from increased advertising tariffs and the direct sale of goods using interactive advertising, online ordering and multimedia.

5) Due to realistic costs there is an opportunity to increase the amount of information circulated to readers with an increase in the range of publications and number of pages per issue.

6) No additional layout or programming costs as PDF files are used from the same files for printed versions. This means there is no need for conversion to X code, leading to a fast and easy creation for each publication.

7) Once the publication is distributed in the Kiosk there are no follow up costs.

8) Increase competitiveness with own branded Kiosk on the readers iPad and reinforce the Kiosk Icon with e-shots, on printed matter, advertising and signage.

9) A library of all issues is held in the Kiosk making a back catalogue of the publications and giving the customer an opportunity of a secondary use.

10) By using the latest generation of new technology existing media such as printed magazines, websites, e-newsletters and social media can be complemented and reinforced.

Five simple steps to publishing on the iPad

1) Post a printed magazine or email PDF files of the magazine to Julian Barnwell for a quotation.

2) Register directly with Apple as a developer.

3) We will build your Kiosk for approval.

4) Convert the magazine and add multimedia content for approval.

5) Kiosk and magazine are registered with Apple ready for the readers to download.


Q. What if I haven’t got any PDF’s?
A. This isn’t a problem as we can work from any other digital files and convert them to PDF’s or if required we can provide design services in house.

Q. Can I publish on Android tablets?
A. Yes you can, but the publications can be hacked into as the software used is ‘open’.

Q. Can the magazines be downloaded on my iPhone?
A. Yes they can via the app store.

Q. Who owns the copyright and the material published?
A. You do as you will be registered as the Apple developer.

Q. Is there a limit on how many times my publication is downloaded?
A. No there is no limit and no extra charges.

Q. Is there a limit on the number of pages per issue?
A. No but we recommend keeping the final published file around the100MB mark.

Q. Is it easy to add video footage?
A. Yes use your iPhone or iPad and send it to us.

Q. How do people find my publication?
A. Through the App Store, also we recommend adding the App icon on websites,
adverts, posters, vans and the actual printed magazine.

Q. Can I sell my magazine?
A. Yes we have subscriber software that is easy to use.

Pad Publishing is available for the App Store & Google Play