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Full Cycle™ Paper Recycling Scheme

Closing the Loop in Print Waste Recycling

Barnwell Print is the first in the UK to ‘close the loop’ with the Full Cycle™ Paper Scheme.

Recycling has been around for a long time and many industries in Europe have a good track record in recycling their waste. But at Barnwell Print, we wanted to go further and overcome the industrial obstacles to ultimately recycle our waste back into recycled paper that we can print and use again.

Naturally paper is an important medium for your creative communications and with everything we make there is some unavoidable trimmings created. Now and for the first time, Barnwell Print has become the first printer in the United Kingdom to recycle their waste paper back to recycled graphic paper via the new Full Cycle™ Paper Scheme – an innovative value-chain comprising of three paper mills, a paper merchant group, two waste recycling companies and “us”. Together, we recover waste paper and divert the supply-chain back to the producing graphic paper mills to “close-the-loop”.

The idea is quite simple but with many challenges. For instance there are only five paper mills in Europe that produce recycled graphic papers; two in France, one is Austria, one in Germany and one in Denmark.

In the UK, waste paper is mostly used to make tissue, cardboard, newsprint and much of that is exported.

The Full Cycle™ Paper Scheme, developed over two years by the paper merchant Antalis McNaughton, recovers our waste paper sends it to the three paper mills in France and Denmark, which are owned by Arjowiggins Graphic, the sister company of Antalis McNaughton.

“I found out about the scheme about a year ago when it was in the development stages. It’s a simple and very practical idea, but finding the right supply-chain companies has been quite a challenge for our paper supplier Antalis McNaughton. As a pilot printer we have supported and assisted in the development of the Full Cycle™ Paper Scheme, so we are proud to lead the way with this new innovation.” says Julian Barnwell.

“We have recycled our printing waste for years and I could never be sure where it would end up. It’s satisfying knowing that we have taken control of our paper off-cuts in a process will result in full reuse within our industry. I am very proud to be the first printer in the UK to recycle paper in this way.” says Lincoln Barnwell.

So whether you like virgin or recycled papers as your preferred medium, at Barnwell Print nothing is wasted and we can help you further demonstrate to your stakeholders that you are being responsible too by adding the Full Cycle Trademark label to your creative work that we print for you.