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Clickable Paper™

Clickable Paper Technology | Interactive printing materials developed by Barnwell Print and Ricoh.

What is Clickable Paper™?

Clickable Paper™ is a newly developed cross-media printing service that links traditionally printed materials with rich online content via your customers’ Smartphone or tablet devices. Clickable Paper technology was developed by Ricoh Innovations Corporation and pioneered here at Barnwell Print with one of our longstanding publishing customers.

How Does Clickable Paper™ Work?

Readers simply download the free Clickable Paper™ App and point their Smartphone or tablet at your Clickable Paper content. The App identifies your Clickable Paper material and automatically launches interactive services on your customer’s portable device. Clickable Paper is different to QR Code technology because you can create so much more. Each scanned image can enable the instant launch of up to six multimedia services of your choice including websites, social media, and video.

How Can Clickable Paper™ be Used?

With Clickable Paper™ there are countless opportunities for adding high quality interactive content to your printed materials. For example, you can use this exciting new technology to help sell your products by launching your shopping website direct from your printed brochures or flyers. You can even use Clickable Paper in catalogues to sell direct and add more photos or video. Receive your customers’ feedback and nurture relationships by linking Clickable Paper to social media websites or your blog. Clickable paper can also be used to initiate Smartphone telephone calls or launch mobile / tablet email software for an instant response. Magazine publishers can use Clickable Paper to add all this value to advertising and classifieds, while your direct mail will be completely transformed!

What Type of Print Can be Used with Clickable Paper™?

Clickable Paper™ is suitable for use with any type of printed media including:

  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Direct Mail
  • Books
  • Brochures & Catalogues
  • Posters & Flyers

Launch the services via your readers’ smartphone / tablet:

  • Multimedia content
  • Websites & Ecommerce
  • Photos & Video
  • Maps
  • Social networks & blogs
  • Phone calls & email
Clickable Paper technology with interactive print is used in this John Wilson book printed by Barnwell Print

Learn more about Clickable Paper™. Watch this short video.